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The Biggest Problem With Overhead Door, And How You Can Fix It

Overhead garage doors are among the most important throughout your entire property. And they’ll almost certainly be the most complex. When it’s working well, the garage door allows you to store vehicles and other items in a safe place without impacting the main part of the home. However, this type of door can be more prone to problems due to the complexity, size, and function. Consequently, when you do encounter an issue, it’s imperative that you take quick action.
In truth, an overhead door can become faulty for many reasons. However, the source of those problems will usually stem from the mechanisms involved. So, how can you detect and (more importantly) fix those troubles? Let’s find out.

Detecting Issues With The Track
Depending on the nature of your issue, there’s a chance that it might be a simple case of cleaning the door’s photo eyes or replacing batteries in the remote. If there is a serious problem with the door, though, it’s likely to start and end with the track itself. Unfortunately, if this becomes damaged in any shape or form, it will start to cause further trouble.
Misalignment is the most common fault, and it’s one where early detection is key. Sadly, if you leave the track untreated, the weight of the door will make things far worse. Not only can this cause costly damage to the garage, but it could also pose a major health risk. After all, if an overhead door falls onto you, you are going to know about it.
Overhead doors suffering from misalignment will offer clear signs, and the sound is probably the first you’ll notice. If it makes a creaking noise when you open or closes it, especially at the same point, there could be an issue. In many cases, there will be a delayed or slowed response from the mechanism too.
A closer inspection of the track should clear things up. Visible gaps between the rail and roller indicate a misalignment. Meanwhile, if the overhead door isn’t shutting all the way, the track is likely to be at fault. In extreme cases, the rollers may become completely detached from the track itself. When this happens, an instant repair is needed.
How To Fix A Misaligned Track   
The severity of the problem can vary massively from one garage to another. If it’s only a minor issue, it is possible to complete the repair work yourself. Remove the screws, then carefully reposition the track and rollers. Screw everything back into place and try opening the door once more.   
It does need to be right, though, or else the faults will resurface after a little wear and tear. With this in mind, many garage owners will seek professional support for peace of mind. Our experienced team is more than happy to provide it. If nothing else, it ensures that you get the right diagnosis.

If the issue is more serious, the professional touch is essential. A bend in the track will tell you that a more thorough repair job is required. When those problems with the track are corrected, the whole overhead door will open and close more smoothly. In turn, this will make life safer and more comfortable for the entire family.

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