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5 Sites to Help You Become an Expert in Overhead Door Design

If you’ve been planning to overhaul your garage in the near future, then you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the immense number of options available to you. From designs to colors and patterns, and even a couple of modern additions such as motion lights or remote controls, there is so much choice that it can be difficult to pick something out for your home. To remedy this problem, we’ve compiled a list of five websites that will help you become an expert in overhead door design, so get those notepads ready and start taking notes!

Imagine a place where you could browse thousands of interior and exterior design ideas in your own time for free. Well, assuming you’re using the internet, that really isn’t far off. Houzz is one of those websites on the internet that you wish you knew about when it first got started. There are literally thousands of ideas on this website that will pique your interest and give you some incredible inspiration for your next project. Take a look at the overhead door section if you want a brilliant starting point to fuel your ideas. With so many pictures, explanations and project ideas, you’ll be raring to get started on your renovations.

Home Stratosphere
Much like Houzz, Home Stratosphere revolves around beautiful design ideas with thousands of photos to let you explore. Many of these ideas are taken from expensive homes and concept properties, but their ideas can easily be applied to almost anything that you can think of. Their garage door designs page has around 60 beautiful images of luxury car doors that are just waiting to be added to your scrapbook or list of ideas.

The Family Handyman
If you fancy yourself as a bit of a DIY wizard, then this article from The Family Handyman will teach you all about installing your very own garage door. It goes in-depth mainly into the mechanisms, which is important to know because you can’t make magic happen with an overhead door. If you want it to be remotely controlled and if you want to design it so the cables are concealed, you’ll need to learn how it works.

Some consider Pinterest to be the ultimate in inspiration. Imagine an online scrapbook where you could throw any image you like into a named project book. Now imagine you could share those scrapbooks with essentially anyone in the world and you’ll end up with Pinterest. This site is absolutely amazing and with a simple-to-use browser plugin, you can quickly save any relevant images to a scrapbook that you can look back at for inspiration, tips, and advice. There’s a surprising amount of design material on Pinterest, but it’s really up to you to create an account and make use of it all.

The Spruce
If you’re going to install a garage door at some point, then you’re going to need to learn how to weather-seal it as well. This brilliant article from The Spruce will teach you everything you need to know. As much as design is important, you also need to worry about the technical aspects of your garage door such as how to keep it safe from adverse weather.

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