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Unveiling the Varying Models of Commercial Garage Doors Available for Installation

Commercial garage door installation is quite a tricky job because there are so many things that you need to keep into consideration before the installation. The most important aspects to consider when installing a garage door are function, style, strength and durability. When you run your business, then a lot of activity tends to go around the garage door. Therefore, you need to be well-versed with the model that suits your needs.

Before exploring the different models of commercial doors, you need to have a clear idea about the different types available in the market. Well, the two available options are commercial rolling doors and commercial sectional doors.

Exploring the different Rolling commercial door models

  • Thermospan 125 Sectional Steel Door: When the insulation is more of a priority for you, and at the same time you have a strict budget, then this door is the perfect option. It has this element of durability and rigidity that makes it stand ahead of the competitors.
  • ThermoMark 5255 Sectional Steel Door: This is one of the most durable varieties in garage doors. They have got a hot-dipped galvanized steel construction. The steel structure tends to get painted before the manufacturing. A two-coat polyester paint system is used in this regard, which is accompanied by a finish coat. A thermal break is used for separating the inside and the outside skins. The thermal break also tends to eliminate the thermal conductance.
  • The Full View Commercial Aluminium door: Now the best thing about these garage doors is that they have this appeal factor to them. These doors can stand different climatic changes, and therefore they are termed as weather resistant. Moreover, they tend to let in plenty of light during the work hours. Therefore, they are ideal to be installed at the car washes, service stations, and dealerships.

Considering the different commercial sectional door models

  • Security Shutter Model 523: If you are looking for a reliable security shutter for an office, school or hospital, then this model will work well for you. Now the benefit of this model is that you can easily customize it as per your needs. For example, you can easily include a manual crank.
  • Advanced Systems 800/800C ADV: This commercial garage door works quite well for those who give a lot of preference to the element of security. The best thing about this door is that it is easy to maintain. It tends to open and close quite fast. The core material that is used for manufacturing this door is interlocking metal.
  • Wood Counter Shutters: Now the wood counter shutters have not lost their charm as well. They are a unique combination of style, design and great security as well. These shutters are used in different places including the banks, libraries, and schools. These garage doors are a great option when you want to give a unique look to your business.

Think along the lines of choosing these doors when you want to opt for commercial garage door installation.

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