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Garage Door Springs: Simple Definition

Garage door spring is one of the most important parts of your garage door and garage door opener. The garage door spring helps in opening and closing of your garage door every day.  Fundamentally, this means that a garage door spring is expected to make your door light. When a garage spring is installed in your door, it makes your door light enough for you to lift on your own, or to increase the power of the garage door such that the garage door opener can lift it up easily.
Being an extremely heavy-duty spring, garage door springs are partially responsible for why your garage door is a very heavy door. They function by lessening the effect of the force of gravity on the door.  Averagely, garage door springs weigh up to 350 pounds, and they last for about 7,000 openings of the garage door. This means that a garage door spring would be due for replacement after about seven years.

If you are having trouble with your garage door, it may be due to some problem with the springs.  Replac…
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Five Things You Should Know About Garage Door Spring

Most people and homeowners usually do not pay much attention to their garage door springs.  Though understandable, an oversight of your garage door spring is a little unfair. No other single part of your garage door and garage door is as important to the raising and lowering of the door.  Hence, it is only expected to be conversant with your door spring, and treat it as worthy.

To help you get to know your garage door springs better, read on for five interesting things that could enrich your knowledge on the same.

1. Garage Door Springs are of two types

The two types of garage door springs are extension springs and torsion springs.  The extension spring is usually installed on standard grade single doors, mounted above the track doors of your garage.  With a measurement of 9 x 7, extension springs come with safety cables to ensure minimum damage in case the spring breaks.  

The torsion spring is most likely to be used in heavy garage doors, with a weight more than 400 lbs. Tension spri…

4 Quick Tips for Your Garage Door Spring Maintenance

Garage doors are considerably heavy.  To facilitate the process of opening as well and closing garage doors, there is the need for garage door springs.  These large springs are constantly under a great deal of tension and cables and rollers are also put in place to ease the task of lifting the doors.  

Like most delicate home devices, safety concerns exist with these springs as well, usually because of the size and tension that these devices are subject to. Proper maintenance is required to ensure that these springs last for several years in perfect working condition. Even if any one of the springs is broken or damaged, the device will not function properly, and an immediate replacement is required at that stage.

However, before the advent of that stage, here are four useful maintenance tips for your garage door springs:

1. Go for Quality Garage Doors

Though, all door springs will need to be replaced over time.  However, buying the quality ones is more preferable. The better quality the …

3 Top Risks of Owning and Repairing Your Garage Door Spring

Garage door springs counterbalance the weight of your door and do all the heavy lifting of the garage door. Owning a garage door can be an expensive luxury at times, especially when there is need to repair parts or change the entire door.  Most times, garage door spring repairs involve the complete replacement of the springs.

This is because the springs function just fine until the point at which they fail, i.e., at the point of breaking.  The springs are incorporated into the garage door itself, and not into the garage door opener as widely believed. Though garage door springs last for a very long time, due to the consistent opening and closing, through the changing harsh weathers, they tend to weaken the metal and steel that made up the springs; hence they break.
The process of fixing or replacing garage door springs depends on the kind of springs.  However, irrespective of the level of damage, there are risks involved in the owning and repair of garage door springs.  It is always …

5 Problems with Garage Door Openers

Nowadays, garage door openers had become more sophisticated when they enclosed automatic opening abilities. This write-up discusses the five issues you might encounter with your garage door openers. However, some defects and problems are not always obvious. For such defects, it is advisable to check the manual for the openers or contact a competent and professional repairer.

1. Opening and Closing of Garage Doors without touching the openers
Be certain nothing is pressing down any or compressing any of the buttons if left in the car. If it is not left in the car, check if the opener is dusty or dirty. The irregular opening and closing can be caused by even a slight stuck on a button. You can try to clean around the edges by rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and using it to clean. Another possible cause might be if you just changed batteries lately. This might cause the door to be opened by itself. If you did, then try gently push the battery connectors after removing the battery. This is…