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How Technology Is Changing How We Use Garage Door

Garage doors began their evolution as simple devices that opened using chains, belts or screws. But advances in digital technology are changing the face of garage doors yet again and making them even more convenient.

In the past, garage doors relied on old petrol-driven motors and simple codes to open. But with the invention of the lithium-ion battery in the 1990s, garage door openers got smaller, quieter and much better for the environment.
However, when people imagine the impact of new technology on garage doors, they don’t immediately think of the mechanism or even the material of the door itself. Instead, the think about how garage doors are being integrated with the rest of our modern technology ecosystem.
No More Hiding Keys
Just like home thermostats, sensors, and smart refrigerators, garage doors are being inculcated into the "smart home." Homeowners can now use their iOS or Android devices to control garage doors from any location in the house. With the rise of the app-…
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Don't Make This Silly Mistake With Your Garage Door

Garage doors are one of life’s great conveniences, allowing you to store your car and valuable tools out of the elements and away from prying eyes. But unfortunately, many homeowners make a silly mistake when it comes to their garage doors: they wait until the whole thing breaks before having any maintenance done.

Garage door repair should be a regular part of your maintenance schedule. Because garage doors rely on moving parts, they are subject to wear and tear. With sustained use, the components and mechanisms in the door opener system break down and, just like any other piece of machinery, need to be replaced at regular intervals. However, many homeowners put off having repairs done on their garage doors until they completely fail.
Although this might seem like the logical thing to do, it’s actually a bad idea. The main problem is that wear and tear on one or two components can have knock-on effects on the rest of the system. Continuing to operate a garage door with a rusty chain can…

The Evolution of Garage Door

The garage door is one of life’s most cherished conveniences, but where did it come from, and how did it become an everyday part of our lives?

The original concept of a garage door can be traced back to antiquity. Civilizations living on the periphery of the Mediterranean often used shed and barns with large doors to store their chariots. Back then, they weren’t called garage doors, but they did perform a similar function: they were broad enough to allow a fully-loaded chariot to emerge without having to disassemble and reassemble it once it had left the paddock.
The era of the modern garage coincided with the development of the automobile. Soon after Henry Ford began making cheap cars for the mass market in the 1920s, the relatively well off wanted somewhere that they could store their vehicles, especially if they didn’t have a roof. Before long, entrepreneurial companies, like Cornell Iron Works, began offering American consumers something called a “float over door” which was a type o…

5 Things Most People Don't Know About Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are an everyday part of many people’s lives. But it turns out that few people know much about them or how they work. If you’ve got a curious mind, you’ve probably thought a lot about the systems behind garage door openers. It turns out that they’re not as simple as you might imagine. In fact, there are dozens of different types of garages doors from many different companies, all using different standards and mechanisms. However, despite their superficial differences, the majority work using the same set of fundamental, underlying principles.

Here are five things most people don't know about garage door openers.
Not All Garage Door Openers Operate Using Chains
Chain-driven garage door openers are the most common type, thanks to their relatively low cost. But they’re not the only way to open a garage door. In fact, there are two other main mechanisms used in the industry: screw-driven and belt-driven. Screw-driven garage door openers rely on a threaded steel rod to …

How Successful People Make the Most of Their Garage

Most garage owners fail to appreciate just how significant this blessing can be. However, anyone that isn’t lucky enough to have one will tell you how much they wish they did. As a responsible homeowner, learning to use yours to greater effect should be one of the top items on the home improvement agenda. Planning to improve the garage is far different from building a strategy to achieve it, though. So how do successful homeowners actively get more out of their garages? Here are five killer factors.

Smarter Storage Even if your garage has been left unloved, you’ve probably used it for storage purposes. Therefore, becoming more organized in this sense will increase the possibilities for space. This can be achieved in many different ways. The options include installing an overhead storage facility for rarely used items as well as fixing storage systems to the walls. Focus on using previously wasted areas, and you’ll soon see a major difference in the layout and your emotional responses.…

The Biggest Problem With Overhead Door, And How You Can Fix It

Overhead garage doors are among the most important throughout your entire property. And they’ll almost certainly be the most complex. When it’s working well, the garage door allows you to store vehicles and other items in a safe place without impacting the main part of the home. However, this type of door can be more prone to problems due to the complexity, size, and function. Consequently, when you do encounter an issue, it’s imperative that you take quick action. In truth, an overhead door can become faulty for many reasons. However, the source of those problems will usually stem from the mechanisms involved. So, how can you detect and (more importantly) fix those troubles? Let’s find out.

Detecting Issues With The Track Depending on the nature of your issue, there’s a chance that it might be a simple case of cleaning the door’s photo eyes or replacing batteries in the remote. If there is a serious problem with the door, though, it’s likely to start and end with the track itself. Un…

5 Sites to Help You Become an Expert in Overhead Door Design

If you’ve been planning to overhaul your garage in the near future, then you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the immense number of options available to you. From designs to colors and patterns, and even a couple of modern additions such as motion lights or remote controls, there is so much choice that it can be difficult to pick something out for your home. To remedy this problem, we’ve compiled a list of five websites that will help you become an expert in overhead door design, so get those notepads ready and start taking notes!

Houzz Imagine a place where you could browse thousands of interior and exterior design ideas in your own time for free. Well, assuming you’re using the internet, that really isn’t far off. Houzz is one of those websites on the internet that you wish you knew about when it first got started. There are literally thousands of ideas on this website that will pique your interest and give you some incredible inspiration for your next project. Take a look at the overh…